Are you a big Heineken beer drinker? Do you enjoy the crisp bite of a genuine European lager that you can only get on draft? If either of these appeals to you then you’ll definitely be interested in the Krups BeerTender.

Krups BeerTender

Heineken Mini Kegerator

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If you’ve ever enjoyed Heineken, Heineken Premium Light or New Castle on draft at a bar somewhere you’ve probably noticed that there is something better about drinking it on draft. And while it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s fresher, drinking these beers on draft has several advantages:

  • Advantage 1: A bar will usually go through one of these popular beers pretty quickly so you will be getting fresh beer.
  • Advantage 2: Like any kegerator, keeping the beer cold and under CO2 is much better for the beer
  • Advantage 3: These beers have the unfortunate presence of being in green or clear bottles making them more susceptible to photocatalytic oxidation (a fancy name for the beer becoming stale).

Having said that, the Krups BeerTender is a perfect mini-kegerator that keep the 5 liter mini-kegs tasting as fresh as what you’d get downtown. On its 3rd generation, the Krups B100 BeerTender utilizes the expertise of Krups (a worldwide leader in small kitchen appliances) to perfectly store your beer at 37 degrees F and at the perfect serving CO2 pressure. The Peltier cooling unit is a high-tech device that generates a cool air silently, saving you from the typical noise of most kegerators.

Setting up the Heineken BeerTender is as simple as putting the keg in refrigerator, connecting the draw tube to the BeerTender Tap and that’s it. The LCD display will let you know when you get to temperature as well as how much beer you have left so you’ll know when to start and end the party. And if you are drinking solo, you’ll have a good 30 days to enjoy your Heiniken mini-keg.

Where to Buy the Krups BeerTender

If you are looking to buy the Krups BeerTender, you have several options. I have seen them on display at some retail locations, but the majority of the places to buy the Krups BeerTender come from onlines websites. And our recommendation is to check out From what we’ve found the lowest price Krups BeerTenders came from Amazon and they offer free shipping so you really can’t lose.

Click Here to Buy the Krups B100 Beertender

While you are at it, you might want to pick up some of the Krups BeerTender accessories. This Heiniken mini-kegerator comes with 5 draw tubes, but you throw them out each time, so picking up a cheap set will allow you to score free shipping on those as well. Just a suggestion.

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