Black Banded Oak Barrel for home barsThis is probably one of the coolest home bar ideas that we’ve come across. This is a real working yet miniaturized wooden oak barrel that can hold your favorite alcoholic beverage.

This oak barrel is just like the barrels that distilleries and wineries use to age their beverages in and to get the distinctly toasty, vanilla overtones into these beverages. The inside of the barrel is charred to a medium toast that isn’t overpowering but is subtle yet noticeable. It has a wooden bung at the top to pour the spirit in or to top it off after evaporation. It also has a wooden spigot for sampling and serving and a wooden stand is included. The oak barrel has either black bands to give it that official look or you can choose brass bands to give a classier appearance.

There are three different sizes:

When I first saw this two applications came to mind. The first is as an awesome bar or countertop dispenser for wines, whiskeys, scotches, bourbons and even some beers. By keeping it in the oak barrel it will not only look cool when you pour it out, you’ll gain some of the oaky flavors that are present in these spirits. This will add some depth and dimension to the drink and will be very impressive to all of your guests. Couple that with some whiskey stones and you are entertaining with class.

The other application, which really appealed to me, was to use as an actual spirit aging barrel. I have been considering distilling my own whiskey and/or scotch for quite some time and this would be the perfect vessel to use. Granted most of the good stuff that I drink ages 12 or more years so it would take some time and probably numerous barrels, but with the small 1 and 2 liter sizes, you could do a few test batches without needing extremely large distillation equipment.

Oh yeah, then there is the whole thing about it being legal…

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